Having worked closely with Ashcroft Fabrics Ltd. for many years, we were honoured when Dave Ashcroft asked us to take on the brand name when they ceased trading earlier this year.

We look forward to continuing to provide the quality and service of this prestigious brand.

Fabrics are Graded A/B and C/D, with Grades A & B being the least expensive and C & D more expensive.

Grade A - our Exciting range of 100% cotton printed fabrics.

Grade B - Range of high quality woven plain and woven semi-plain fabrics.

Grade C - Top of the range chenille, pattern woven and cotton fabrics.

Grade D - Deluxe chenille and pattern woven fabrics.

All the following fabrics are fire retardant to British Standards. Please be aware that different colour settings on computer monitors may affect the images below. Please feel free to contact us if you require fabric samples.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version.

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Grade A Fabrics

Bamboo Natural
Bamboo Natural Grade A

C4C004 - Bamboo Natural Grade A
Brindisi Duck Egg
Brindisi Duck Egg Grade A

C4C007 - Brindisi Duck Egg Grade A
Harrogate Natural
Harrogate Natural Grade A

C4C008 - Harrogate Natural Grade A
Harrogate Autumn
Harrogate Autumn Grade A

C4C009 - Harrogate Autumn Grade A
Lily Teal
Lily Teal Grade A

C4C011 - Lily Teal Grade A
Lucia Grade A

C4C012 - Lucia Grade A
Monet Grade A

C4C013 - Monet Grade A

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Grade B Fabrics

Antonia Gold
Antonia Gold Grade B

C4C014 - Antonia Gold Grade B
Douglas Stone
Douglas Stone Grade B

C4C015 - Douglas Stone Grade B
Duck Egg
Duck Egg Grade B

C4C016 - Duck Egg Grade B
Forza Stone
Forza Stone Grade B

C4C018 - Forza Stone Grade B
Latte Grade B

C4C019 - Latte Grade B
Mulberry Grade B

C4C020 - Mulberry Grade B
Pewter Grade B

C4C025 - Pewter Grade B

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Grade C Fabrics

Argent Grade C

C4C028 - Argent Grade C
Country Rose
Country Rose Grade C

C4C029 - Country Rose Grade C
Kintyre Chestnut
Kintyre Chestnut Grade C

C4C031 - Kintyre Chestnut Grade C
Lewis Check
Lewis Check Grade C

C4C032 - Lewis Check Grade C
Lewis Plain
Lewis Plain Grade C

C4C033 - Lewis Plain Grade C

Magnolia Cream Grade C

C4C034 - Magnolia Cream Grade C

Mayfair Cream Srtipe Grade C

C4C036 - Mayfair Cream Srtipe Grade C

Mayfair Floral Grade C

C4C037 - Mayfair Floral Grade C

Mayfair Silver Grade C

C4C038 - Mayfair Silver Grade C

Mozart Grade C

C4C039 - Mozart Grade C

Mull Check Grade C

C4C040 - Mull Check Grade C

Mull Plain Grade C

C4C041 - Mull Plain Grade C

Ruby Grade C

C4C043 - Ruby Grade C

Skye Check Grade C

C4C044 - Skye Check Grade C

Skye Plain Grade C

C4C045 - Skye Plain Grade C

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Grade D Fabrics

Blossom Grade D

C4C046 - Blossom Grade D

Harris Check Dove Grade D

C4C047 - Harris Check Dove Grade D

Harris Check Royal Grade D

C4C048 - Harris Check Royal Grade D

harris Check Woodland Grade D

C4C049 - harris Check Woodland Grade D

Harris Plain Dove Grade D

C4C050 - Harris Plain Dove Grade D

Nicole Dove Grade D

C4C052 - Nicole Dove Grade D

Santa Fe Rouge Grade D

C4C053 - Santa Fe Rouge Grade D

Torino Duck Egg Grade D

C4C054 - Torino Duck Egg Grade D

Torino Natural Grade D

C4C055 - Torino Natural Grade D

Please call for delivery options and availability.



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