Re-seating Chairs and Stools

Hand-made replacement seats crafted in our own workshop.

We offer the service of re-seating dining chairs, carver chairs, bedroom chairs, rocking chairs, stools etc  with rush, seagrass and cane. This can be an economic way of revitalizing your chairs or just changing the seat style to match your new decor.

People are often reluctant to throw old chairs and stools away. Even though they may no longer be serviceable, they can have sentimental value through being inherited or being in the family for generations. They might even be antiques with an unknown value. If you have old chairs in your spare bedroom, loft or garage, why not let us bring them back to life. We always try to replicate the original weaving work wherever possible.

Your renovated chairs may well find their way back into your home to bring back a bit of family tradition. You don't just gain extra seats but they bring with them some family history or stories to tell.

Picture showing a selection of chairs and stools with new seats

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