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Fitted Hampers

fitted hamper

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Wine Baskets

Wine Basket

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Deli Storage Baskets

Deli Storage Basket

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Shopping Baskets

Shopping Basket

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Trug and Garden Baskets

trug Basket

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Log Baskets

Log Basket

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Household Baskets

Dog Basket

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Wicker and Basketware

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We have a huge range of wickerwork or basketwork products on display in our showrooms, made in-house by our own basket weaving craftsmen.

Please drop in if you are in the area. We know you will be impressed!

If you need information about our stock before visiting, please feel free to give us a call. We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide any advice we can.

A selection of wicker baskets n display in our showroom

Having our own wickerwork design and production facilities enables us to offer a bespoke service to produce copies of existing woven baskets or items to your own design or specification. A popular item we have produced recently is log baskets to fit into a recess in customer's fireplace.

Being a natural product, no two wicker products are exactly the same. Each basket will have its own unique colour, finish and shape. Further, the cane, wicker or rattan will develop in colour tones as it ages.

A lined wicker log basketLined Log Baskets

A recent introduction to our range is lined log baskets - circular or rectangular wicker baskets, in small, medium and large sizes. The lining makes the baskets more suitable for practical use within the home as it prevents small wood chips and dust from escaping from the basket when it is filled with logs.

Log Baskets Rectangular and circular designs lined with 100% cotton "Drill Natural" fabricThe linings have ties so that they can be easily removed for washing. We are currently using 100% cotton "Drill Natural" fabric but bespoke linings can be made from any other fabric from our fabric range.


An excellent gift in itself or to be used as a presentation container for other gifts...

A selection of wicker baskets n display in our showroomWicker baskets of all sizes make wonderful gift boxes. You can make up your own food hamper, cosmetics gift set, spice and sauce set, preserves selection - in fact, whatever unique gift idea you may have.

How about a gardener's gift set presented in a garden trug?

People will appreciate your extra effort in putting together a gift to suit them personally and we will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right basket for your purpose.

*Note that we don't supply the contents for gift sets

Shopping Baskets

A selection of shopping basketsWe produce a range of traditional wicker shopping baskets. The ultimate in reuseable, sustainable and recyclable shopping bags, these hand-crafted baskets are perfect for carrying groceries, particularly eggs, soft fruits, vegetables, bread, cakes and other items that can easily be damaged when carried in carrier bags.

They are also perfect for carrying groceries in the car boot without the items breaking loose and rolling around as can often be the case with carrier bags.

Attractive and durable. these wicker baskets can last a lifetime or more!

Specialist Basket Products

A shopping bike with a wicker basket on the front to carry groceriesThis picture shows one of the more unusual baskets we have made. Old fashioned shopping bicycles have become popular again in recent years both as display items and for use in country fayres and by traditional village shops for local deliveries. We can produce bespoke baskets for any bike as well as for vintage cars, which often had special baskets built into the vehicle or as companion picnic hampers.

We have also made large bespoke baskets including passenger baskets for hot air balloons, as well as specialist baskets such as the duck nesting basket shown below. If you have any special basket making requirements, please call us on 01978 780417 or complete an enquiry form.

Duck Nesting Baskets

Duck Nesting Basket Duck Nesting Basket

The nesting baskets are set over ponds on sticks away from the land so predators can’t reach them. They are angled slightly backwards so the eggs don’t roll out.

Fishing Baskets and Creels

A range of fishing baskets and creels A creel and a fishing basket

We produce traditional fishing baskets and creel baskets used for game fishing. They are ideal for carrying whilst wading in the river, fly fishing for trout, sea trout and salmon.

The rectangular fishing basket with hinged lid is traditionally used by coarse fisherman, who tend to stay in one place all day. It is is strong enough to sit on and has legs to keep the base away from the ground. There is plenty of space for fishing tackle, flask, provisions and other essentials. It can be carried by the hand hole on the lid but can be supplied with a leather shoulder strap if required.

As all our baskets are hand made, we can adapt the size and style to your requirements. Just give us a call on 01978 780417 for more information.

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Basket Weaving Demonstrations

Ken Griffiths - our senior basket weaver

We can arrange basket weaving demonstrations for coach parties. Just call us on 01978 780417 or complete an Enquiry Form for further information.

More about our basket weaving demonstrations on the Basket Making page